Reserving Falcons
If we cannot provide the falcon(s) you reserved we will refund 100% of your reservation deposit. We will provide the wire
instructions to make the deposits after we have negotiated a price for your falcon(s). You will be required to pay the balance due
prior to shipping the falcons. If the falcons are not healthy after we capture them from the flight pen and prior to shipping we will not
ship them and refund your money. We guarantee that your falcon(s) will arrive healthy.
Flight Pen
Our baby falcons are put into a flight pen before the feathers are complete and before they can fly. The falcons learn to fly and kill
in the flight pen. The new flight pen is located in the dry desert of New Mexico USA. The elevation of the flight pen location is 5,000
feet above sea level.

No Hacking is available for 2015. We have too many Golden Eagles nesting withing sight of the falcon ranch. They will kill the baby
falcons when they are at Hack and do not have a mother for protection.
Manning and Initial Training.
Training for 2015 is not available.
Breeding Schedule
The falcon eggs are Usually laid in March and April. The eggs take approximately 34 days to hatch. Once the egg hatches we take
males was used during artificial insemination and specific parentage information is required. After we know the sex (gender) of the
baby we usually have a good idea about the color of the baby and can allocate a ring number for CITES permit application. We will
copy. We will provide a copy of your importation permit to the US Government and they could take up to approximately 30-90 days
to issue a CITES export permit for your falcon(s). We expect a shorter turnaround from CITES for 2015. If you have a reservation
for 2015 falcons we will keep you updated as to the permit(s) status.
Please contact Mr. Lars Sego by email at or by mobile phone to reserve a falcon(s)
Vaccinations and Prophylactic Medications
The falcons may be vaccinated against West Nile Virus and may be given Itraconazole in their food daily as a prophylactic
medication to help prevent Aspergillus infections while they are in the flight pen. The new flight pen at the ranch is located in the
desert over 12 miles away from the Rio Grande River and we do not expect to have any mosquitoes at the flight pen, However -
Avian Malaria could be carried by migratory birds in the nearby Rio Grande Flyway. If Avian Malaria becomes a concern in the
nearby flyway, the falcons may be tested and may be treated orally with Mefloquine hydrochloride (Lariam, Mephaquin or
Mefliam) prior to shipping to prevent/treat any possible. The falcons will be captured from the flight pen just prior to being shipped
to the customer unless other arrangements are made as part of the purchase negotiations.
Special Note About Avian Influenza for 2015
As of this writing, we have NOT had any reported cases of Avian Influenza in the state of New Mexico. If your country requires a
blood test for avian influenza for the import of falcons the fees for laboratory and veterinary services will be added to the purchase
price of the falcon(s).